Working with FSI

Working with FSI

Now more than ever people are looking for level-headed financial guidance. Whether you’re changing jobs, starting a second career or approaching retirement, we understand that you have lots of questions and concerns, like:

  • Can I maintain my current lifestyle after I retire?
  • How can I make sure my family is secure?
  • Are my investments too risky? Or too conservative?

We have developed a simple and straight-forward process to help you find answers to your financial questions.

Step 1: We start 94% of our client relationships with a Financial Plan.

The depth of our analysis can range from simple to complex. The cost of your Financial Plan is based on the time required to complete the analysis. Understanding your risk capacity, risk tolerance, cash flow and goals is essential before engaging in our wealth or investment management services.

Step 2: Choosing a continuous plan.

After we’ve completed your Financial Plan, there are two continuous service plans where we can assist:

    • Wealth Management
    • Investment Management

Or, you can choose to Do it Yourself.